Graduate Award 2003

Electrical Engineering
Institutee Name Dissertation Title
ETH Zürich Herr Adrian Trüllinger Development and practical implementation of a high-speed DSP module for digital control of a three-phase pulse rectifier system with high clock frequency
University Stuttgart Dipl.-Ing.
Christoph Jakob
Microprocessor reference system for an asynchronous machine fed by a matrix converter
RWTH Aachen Dipl.-Ing.
Bastian Sauert
Strategies for model-based reduction of interference noise
Technical University
of Munich
Andreas Jörg
Modeling and control of an electromechanical brake for rail vehicles
University Karlsruhe Dipl.-Ing.
Martin Blödt
Diagnostics of bearing damages in asynchronous machines by spectral analysis of stator currents

Mechanical Engineering
Institutee Name Dissertation Title
University Karlsruhe Dipl.-Ing.
Christian Duchow
Displacement estimate of characteristic points in image sequences
RWTH Aachen Dipl.-Ing.
Martin Mannigel
Examinations of successive fractures in fiber composite laminates with dual-axis strain
Technical University
of Cottbus
Stefan Hickel
Development of a truly three-dimensional particle image velocimetry by using an expansive multi-color split beam
Technical University
of Darmstadt
Christoph Metz
Version concept for manufacturing of car oil intake manifolds in series production
University Stuttgart Dipl.-Ing.
Marc Oliver Wagner
Flatness-based control and sequence control draft for distributed, parameter-based systems by means of formal power series

Institutee Name Dissertation Title
University Mannheim Dipl.-Hdl
Andreas Hertenstein
Access to Enterprise JavaBeans via Web services - prototypical development of a code generator
RWTH Aachen Dipl.-Kfm
Daniel Küpper
Success factors of company networks in R & D
Technical University
of Darmstadt
Diplom-Wirtschaftsinformatikerin Anita Petrick Revenue management - methods for price-quantity control
University Karlsruhe Dipl.-Wi.-Ing.
Ismail Düzgün
The connections between organization development and age-related management - preparation for an emperical study
ETH Zürich Dipl. Betr.- und Prod.-Ing. Andrè Peter Development of a concept for change management
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