The Fundation

The Foundation directly and exclusively pursues objectives for the benefit of the public in accordance with the German Fiscal Code. The Foundation's earnings are used to promote scientific work in particular as well as the preparation, consolidation and development of scientific findings in the field of engineering and economics.

In the field of engineering, the emphasis is on the promotion of fundamental as well as applied research work, particularly inĀ  the area of drive technology and the control of production processes, including the use of electronics. In the field of economics, the focus is on those disciplines which are concerned with management and business studies, company constitutions and policies as well as company and management structures.

According to its fiscal recognition, the Foundation is authorized to promote insitutions in the Federal Republic of Germany and abroad.

The Foundation's earnings shall be used

  • to promote research and scientific projects by students and scientists,
  • to recognize outstanding scientific achievements by students and scientists,
  • to promote and support research projects, guest professorships, colloquia, conferences and guest lectures,
  • to cover the expenses associated with the administration of the Foundation or arising from the selection or promotion of projects.

The Foundation is a non-profit making Instituteion and has no self-profiting objectives.